MERCURY Industrievertretung GmbH is your reliable partner and specialist in the field of the metal processing industry industry

Development and improvement of your production technology

MERCURY Industrievertretung equips engineering companies with the most effective tools and accessories. We can help you develop and improve your production technology, create control programs and develop new machining solutions.

For technological processes, we apply a systematical approach that minimizes production costs by taking all factors into account: Productivity level, production costs, degree of automation, degree of standardization of units and assemblies, safety of workers and maintenance personnel, environmental friendliness, maintainability and others.


Machines and tools

Particularly in the field of machines and tools for metal and wood processing, we have continuously expanded our expertise and know-how in our more than ten-year company history in order to be able to reliably assist our customers even with more complex projects.

Mediation, financing, consulting

We accompany the conclusion of contracts and help with the financing of projects. We are your contact for all questions relating to logistics, licences, transport documents and customs clearance. In addition, we provide training and support you with the commissioning of machines. We work as intermediaries and in consulting.

We are specialized in precision and measuring tools.
We work with an extensive network of well-known manufacturers.

Measuring tools

  • coordinate measuring machines
  • handheld metrology
  • Optical measuring instruments
  • sensor systems
  • hardness testers
  • data transfer

Cutting and drilling tools

  • indexable inserts
  • saws
  • drill
  • milling
  • thread tap
  • counterbore

Machine tools

  • machining center
  • milling machines
  • CNC lathe
  • portal milling machines
  • grinding machines

We work with an extensive network of partners.
We offer individual solutions for complex tasks.

Your advantage

Since 2007 the Mercury GmbH stands for partnership and service to your advantage.

Our common goal is to increase your profitability:

  • Your cost savings
  • Your time savings
  • Your production safety

Individual approach

We find an individual approach for each customer. A special feature of the company is the engineering approach. Before contracts are concluded, a thorough analysis of the requirements is carried out to ensure that cooperation with MERCURY is most effective for the customer.

The selection of machines and tools from different suppliers enables us not to be tied to one manufacturer, to consider all possible options and to find the best solutions for the customer.


Aviation industry

Since 2017, we have realized two large projects in the field of civil aviation industry. For this we have supplied many machines:

  • Vacuum technology
  • Grinding technology
  • Balancing technology
  • 3-D coordinate measuring machines
  • and much moreā€¦

Strong suppliers and partners

We cooperate with excellent partners and suppliers, to whom we would like to express our sincere thanks for:

  • super cooperation
  • competent consultations
  • punctual deliveries
  • assistance with technical
  • support and commissioning
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